Business Intelligence: A Business Strategy to Increase Competitiveness

    business intelligence

    In the era of Big Data, not only the process is important. The ability to analyze information in real time and make decisions about information at the right time, make the difference to stay ahead of each business.

    Business Intelligence or Business Intelligence (BI) allows companies to have the right information for better decision making. This strategy facilitates mechanisms and processes to obtain data, store and analyze them so that they can be transformed into information and help in decision-making, increasing competitiveness.

    It is demonstrated that the companies that implement the BI manage to take advantage of the crisis situations thanks to the possibility of having a more accurate market analysis because the analyzed data are transformed into important corporate strategies.

    Thus, business intelligence consists in making data, information of value and knowledge. To support this process, computer tools are key and represent an added value when measuring the performance of a process, measuring an indicator or knowing what is happening in a distribution center.

    The tools of BI (Business Intelligence), allow the processing of high volumes of information, from different sources, to highly complex formats that represent in an easy way, the information that needs to be seen at the moment that is required. Infor Reporting incorporates IBM Cognos as its Business Intelligence solution, achieving a powerful tool available to all companies.

    With “on-line” connectivity, “on-demand” access, advanced analysis tools and added to the correct interpretation of this information, you can make a difference for a quick reaction and make decisions quickly and effectively.

    In such a changing market, it is necessary to observe what is happening, to know why it is happening, to analyze the changes and to anticipate them. Subsequently, it is necessary to decide when and what path to take taking into consideration the data, the correct information and the necessary knowledge of the market. Prepare and anticipate to achieve the objectives from technological tools that support them, is then the key to success.

    Cerca Technology, incorporates these tools and expertise into hundreds of operations globally and regionally and makes it available to its customers to incorporate it into each implementation.