Benefits of the Implementation of Voice Technology in your Distribution Center

    As can be seen in the development of operations within the distribution center, the demands and demands to fill orders efficiently are increasing, not only is it expected to have much more precise but also faster processes.

    This situation increases the need for companies to provide their workers with adequate technological tools and solutions that are capable of increasing performance within the employee’s working day, without sacrificing their well-being.

    Voice CD technology currently represents, undoubtedly, one of the safest, most efficient, and accurate alternatives, with superior performance to many other options such as radio-frequency terminals or traditional picking lists. This technology is capable of increasing productivity by 30% or more, as well as the consequence of effectiveness or precision rates higher than 99%; significantly impacting overall employee safety and satisfaction and, consequently, business retention rates.

    Benefits of implementing Voice in your business

    • Structured work: through voice instructions, the worker is guided with indications of location and tasks or steps necessary to accurately and agilely complete processes such as picking, inventory control, replacement, and even maintenance or repairs, as required.
    • Time reduction: the devices have an ergonomic design and voice command technology that allows reducing the execution times of the tasks, by keeping the operator with their hands and eyes 100% free during the entire workflow.
    • Easy integration: the flexible software of this solution allows it to adapt to any type of host system, be it a local system, large distribution center management systems (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) programs for small and medium-sized Business. . ; which allows assuming the administration of existing processes as well as the implementation of new workflows optimized to the individual needs of the business.
    • Data collection and analysis: Honeywell Voice has a data collection and analysis system that allows identifying and optimizing workflows, increasing effectiveness and productivity within the operation.
      This process automation allows the identification and monitoring of business performance objectives and inventory levels in real-time, allowing to obtain highly useful information for decision-making.

    The implementation of these solutions means a reduction in training time in the use of the tool by up to 85% compared to other technologies, allowing employees to immediately join the job, even in the case of temporary collaborators. or not natives.

    Honeywell Voice is a solution that has been proven for more than 20 years with successful results in different environments, successfully meeting multiple operational needs, which are changing and require flexible and highly adaptable technological support.

    Some of our clients say:

    “We save money every time we don’t have to make an express delivery to a customer. And that enhances our image ”. – Managing Director

    “Since the deployment of the voice, we have been able to confidently handle our seasonal fluctuations. Work assignments are more flexible, which has helped us reduce our work hours by more than 20%, decrease inventory adjustments in pickup areas by 80%, and reduce our training time by 80%. . “- CIO”