Benefits of a Multi-Tenant Solution

    solucion multi-tenant

    Through technology, today millions of users are generating huge volumes of information that are stored directly on their devices, external drives, databases, or, more commonly, in the cloud.

    Every second, an hour of video is uploaded to YouTube; In other words, up to 86,400 hours can be loaded in one day, which means, annually, about 3,600 years of video. Facebook figures are no less impressive: more than a thousand personal photos are published every second, about 3,000 million photos a month.

    As for the term cloud, computing refers to a virtual medium to host information of any kind, text, photos, graphics, etc. That is, you do not have it stored on your device, it is on some server anywhere in the world.

    Information systems have also adopted this modality and large software manufacturers already offer their applications in the cloud, which allow you to manage, store, and access data and applications through the Internet.

    In this way, you do not worry about everything that hardware implies (maintenance, operating system updates, space, and infrastructure) and focus on taking advantage of technology for the strategic benefits of your organization.

    In addition to the savings in infrastructure, the implementation is quick and easy, where the highest levels of security are also highlighted to prevent attacks or information theft.

    Sectors such as logistics cannot be left behind in technological implementations that optimize daily operations; especially due to the fact that the adaptability of the supply chain is of the most importance, as it has to be at the forefront of changes in the market and its consumers.

    Achieving efficient, dynamic and quality logistics improves indicators and customer satisfaction since today’s organizations need high levels of agility, integration, and visibility that go beyond what traditional systems were designed to provide.

    For example, as is the case with a WMS in the cloud, you can manage inventory from anywhere in the world, check the status of a specific order, monitor productivity in the CeDi, obtain real-time information for decision making, and many more benefits.

    A Cloud Suite provides technology for all links in the supply chain, from production plants to the last mile, they are comprehensive solutions for all business sectors or verticals of a business.

    The cloud is a giant, robust, secure, reliable service that is within your reach. Like any investment, evaluate the market options, benefits, and modalities, and you will surely find the service that best suits the needs of your organization.

    Benefits of a Multi-tenant solution

    • A cloud-native enterprise BI platform must be built from the ground up as a multi-tenant system. True cloud BI solution providers use technologies that elastically scale in capacity as their database or user base grows to provide the best possible performance for small to very large-scale solutions.
    • Several solutions enable scaling by adding new computing power, and performance is optimized through techniques such as caching, pre-aggregation, and optimized Structured Query Language (SQL) generation.
    • These optimizations can significantly reduce the cost of cloud analytics when used against cloud database solutions that charge for processor consumption versus storage.
    • Using a multi-tenant platform in the cloud ensures that your organization will always have the latest version and can take advantage of the provider’s continuous improvements and innovations.
    • In single-tenant and on-premises deployments, resource limitations mean an organization can be out of date for months or years, and frequent updates are disruptive to business.
    • Another benefit of having multi-tenant software is that it creates virtual, not physical, BI tenants that interact with each other.
    • The use of these virtual instances is important because, traditionally, delivering reliable data across the enterprise required the development of a large and complex monolithic data warehouse that attempted to answer all business questions and relied heavily on physical replication. of the BI infrastructure, not just hardware, but also data, metadata, user profiles, and system configurations, making it a complex, time-consuming, repetitive, and expensive effort.

    These new virtual BI instances make it easy to deliver data as a service to the organization.

    Additionally, virtual BI instances help with agility by providing the flexibility to easily create new instances to explore new analytics use cases. If the value is proven, these instances can be “produced” and handed over to IT for management. If the value is not realized, the virtual tenant can be removed simply by avoiding the time, costs, and resources associated with configuring physical hardware and software.

    As a subscription service, cloud solutions are a low-risk way to acquire business intelligence without the usual high costs, onerous commitments, advanced technical skills, or high resource requirements. The rewards of deeper business insight, increased efficiency, increased productivity, and lower costs make this a winning strategy for businesses of all sizes.

    Source: Infor/Why Business Intelligence in the Cloud?/ Page 4-5; 2021

    By Xavier Cordova, Customer Support Manager at Cerca Technology.