Aimara Fagúndez Assumes her New Role as Manager of Professional Services SOLA at Cerca Technology

    Supported in the growth of the region, the size and importance of Cerca Technology’s clients located south of the American continent, the company has decided to create the SOLA Professional Services Management with responsibility over the countries: Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. Aimara Fagundez is appointed to lead this new management because of the knowledge she has of the business, the wide experience in the sector, her proactive and innovative attitude and the achievements in the role as Project Manager.

    The new SOLA Professional Services Management, located in Santiago, Chile, will assume the leadership of the consulting team in the region, ensuring the achievement of successful implementation projects and the generation of value in the supply chain of our customers.

    “We are very excited about the challenges that this new fiscal year brings, we know that the projection that Cerca has in the medium term requires changes and this new structure will allow the company to be closer to customers, which will directly impact the growth of the business in the region” – Virgilio Vivas, Director of Customer Success.

    “I feel very proud to continue growing with Cerca and I take up this challenge with enthusiasm. I am sure that thanks to the team that we are consolidating, we will be able to further strengthen the good relations that we currently have with our clients” – Aimara Fagúndez, Manager of Professional Services SOLA.