The Age of Voice in Maintenance Processes

    Productivity and efficiency are characteristics present in the environments of companies that have logistics assets, which are forced to maximize their productive capacities and reduce operating costs. The condition and availability of said assets acquires a degree of importance depending on their participation in the success of the operation or business.

    For Maintenance areas, this represents a constant search for new and innovative ways to increase the reliability, availability and useful life of your industrial plants and equipment, always through effective cost control.

    The planning and scheduling of maintenance work for large volumes of equipment and facilities has seen systems such as Voice Inspections a way to streamline processes, reduce errors, anticipate revisions and, above all, capture increasingly complex and independent procedures.

    How does it work?

    Through voice commands, the user guarantees continuity in the standard operating procedures because he has his hands and eyes free while avoiding the cumbersome task of documenting.

    What advantages does it offer?

    • Simplified documentation by completing observations and documentation of findings while performing the task
    • Improved compliance, complying with the standard of operating procedures (SOPs) ensuring standardized and constant processes
    • Process improvement through the use of best practices
      Improved security by enabling hands and eyes free at the inspection point
    • Fast and guided training thanks to standardized structured and step-by-step documentation
    • Increased staff retention allowing technicians to be more productive and accurate

    In a case study, for example, in the inspection of a company’s own trucks and transport fleets, a total reduction in the inspection time of its assets of almost 25% was projected after using voice technology.

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