Grupo Servica, a 3PL in Costa Rica, is implementing Infor’s WMS to support its expansion.

    Grupo Servica joins the group of companies that bet on the technological vanguard.  Their goal is exponential growth through the improvement of the level of customer service, and that is why they will implement Infor WMS as their management software in the Distribution Center.

    Who is this logistics operator?

    Grupo Servica has more than 46 years of experience in the Costa Rican logistics market and the modern infrastructure of warehouses and transportation equipment. It has more than 22,000 m2 of warehouses, 30,000 m2 of yards, more than 60 transportation units, and more than 8,000 SKUs. They are focused on providing solutions for the logistics chain to importers and exporters in the region through personalized, reliable, and competitive service.

    Their operation has a Bonded Warehouse, where they receive imported products and makes the nationalization process. They also have a Distribution Center where its complete operation has more than 80 collaborators, only in these services of the logistic chain.

    What are the objectives you want to achieve with this Supply Chain digitalization?

    This 3PL already had a warehouse management system, however, it was not as robust as its operation and current customers demanded.  Due to its growth and the search for new customers, it needed a world-leading solution that would be in line with its expansion process and that would not generate limitations.

    The implementation will be carried out in the Fiscal Warehouse and in the Distribution Center, initially in 2 categories: hygiene and food; with this, Infor’s WMS is expected to centralize the processes, providing greater flexibility in the planning and attention of orders in each account; it is also expected to achieve control of the cargo transport units (containers) in the fiscal warehouse and manage the inventory in its different states, from the entry to the unloading.

    Who will be in charge of implementing Infor’s WMS?

    Cerca Technology, with more than 30 years of experience in the market, is the strategic partner for companies seeking to digitize their supply chain and is proud to present this new project.

    We have more than 300 successful implementations in all industries and more than 100 customers in LATAM. Now, we are looking forward to working hand in hand with Grupo Servica to be a new success story.

    Quote from Grupo Servica

    “We continue with the objective of supporting productive sectors that contribute significant growth in the economy of our country. By identifying such needs and being able to offer highly efficient services. We will continue to support the growth of companies in Costa Rica.”

    Gabriela Corrales – Project Manager at Grupo Servica

    Quote from Cerca Technology

    “The implementation of Infor WMS seeks to support the current and future challenges of the operation, developing capabilities to handle any logistical complexity that its customers have, managing information in real-time, ensuring a state-of-the-art technology platform that meets delivery and omnichannel requirements. These capabilities will allow Grupo Servica to continue growing and strengthening its portfolio of value-added services to its customers.”

    Paola Quiroga – NOLA Commercial Manager at Cerca Technology