Cerca Technology strengthens its TMS practice with Unigis at Empresas Najri

    Empresas Najri, a leading distributor in Dominican Republic (Production and distribution of Fertilizers, Agrochemicals, seeds, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and personal care and hygiene) chooses Unigis and Cerca Technology as allies for the improvement of its system of transport management.

    Unigis applies the latest technology such as IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to find innovative, scalable, and efficient solutions to the challenges faced by companies in the last link of the supply chains, allowing them to adapt in an agile way and natural to market demands.

    Who is Empresas Najri

    Empresas Najri is a conglomerate of national companies from Dominican Republic, both in the agricultural and commercial areas, among which Ferquido, Prosequisa, Gomep, Dr. Collado, Sebastián, and Login stand out, it has more than 70 years of experience in the market in the areas of fertilizers, agrochemicals, seeds, Pharmaceutical products, personal care, and hygiene, food, and beauty, among others. Thanks to its leading brands, this group has managed to establish itself as one of the most solid, diverse, and dynamic to date in the country.

    In 2010 Login was founded, whose company is the logistics operator in charge of the logistics administration and distribution of the group’s pharmaceutical and personal care business.

    Why does the need arise?

    This project was born based on the growth projection that the company has, and the need to optimize delivery times, reduce operating costs and improve the level of customer service. From transport planning, the contribution to achieving these objectives requires greater control and visibility of the operation, which until now has been done manually.

    The challenges in transport logistics presented by Empresas Najri’s operation are:

    • Seek efficiency in the route planning process by optimizing it and reducing the use of vehicles and operational costs
    • Comply with established times, visualize news that occurs in dispatches and deliveries.
    • Keep the sales force and the customer informed of the order status in real-time.
    • Measure and optimize the operation to make better decisions in the development of the operation

    About the project

    The project aims to support the supply chain digital transformation process that began after the implementation of Infor’s WMS. The project will allow the company to have the following functionalities in its operation:

    • Cargo and route optimization
    • Route monitoring and traceability of each vehicle by GPS
    • Carrying out the delivery compliment with mobile devices.
    • Record of “non-compliant” or expired material that returns to CeDi
    • Performance indicators for each vehicle.
    • The implementation of the project will be carried out in the operation of the main distribution center located in Santo Domingo, from where around 300 clients are served.

    Najri Quote

    “The search for efficiency in speeding up transportation, the need to improve the availability of use of the equipment so that they can increase their loading frequency, as well as the reduction in operating costs and the transparency of the status of the order, it has prompted us to implement the Unigis TMS. ” Sandy Tejada, Logistics Manager at Empresa Najri

    Quote from Cerca Technology

    «Accompanying the growth of our clients with innovative technologies is a fundamental pillar for Cerca and we are pleased to be that strategically of Empresas Najri so that through the Unigis TMS solution it can support its growth and increase its level of service ” Carolina Garzón, Sr. Business Development at Cerca Technology