Cerca Technology has focused on helping companies in Latin America and the Caribbean to optimize their Supply Chains, in order to increase their operational efficiency, resulting in higher profitability and more satisfied customers.

Our portfolio includes both software and hardware solutions that allow us to integrate all the logistics operations of our customers to achieve a proper operation of their supply chains.

Our Solutions

Supply Chain Execution

The implementation of the supply chain with improved technology offers unprecedented visibility of inventories, orders, equipment and people. To take advantage of automation, reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve customer responsiveness and reduce complexity it is necessary very configurable WMS, labor management, TMS, 3PL billing solutions. Our solutions are very intuitive and allow management of all activities in the distribution center and transportation process in an integral manner.

Supply Chain Planning

The pace of markets increasingly demands better management and coordination of the entire supply chain.

With our solutions reach a better level of service with your customers while optimizing inventory and increasing sales. In real time connect all interested parties in the organization and integrate S&OP, supply planning and demand.

Supply Chain Analytics

The access and analysis of information allows to improve and optimize decisions and performance. Through this solution, obtain data from business applications and convert it into information that benefits decision-making and boosts the performance of your supply chain.

Enterprise Asset Management

Asset management can improve its performance, reduce costs, extend its useful life and improve the return on investment of assets.

Manage logistics assets such as trucks, forklifts, logistics and manufacturing facilities through the digitalization and optimization of preventive and corrective maintenance operations throughout your supply chain.

Supply Chain Artificial Intelligence

AI + machine learning is here to help you work smarter. This solution is a powerful artificial intelligence robot designed specifically for users, built on industry-specific data. At any time, it can help in the execution of tasks, recommend the best sales offers and even predict maintenance problems and adjust production schedules accordingly.

Workflow Solutions

The best business processes demand a high level of operational efficiency. Obtain through our voice solutions greater productivity, precision and safety in the processes of the distribution center, the operations of the store (retail), and maintenance and inspection in your company.


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